Be Your Own Doctor

 This book summed up in two words: eat wheatgrass. Yes, according to the author, wheatgrass will cure what ails you. Yet another book on the "magical cure" for all ailments.

HOWEVER, this book has something different that I have yet to find in any other similar book... she backs up what she says with evidence (though some are anecdotal), facts, scientific research, numerous testimonials from clients and experts alike and similar information on other various important nutrient rich raw foods. She goes on to explain in detail why she recommends what she recommends, how to go about trying her plan for health and a guide with recipes.


Rebuild Your Health

Ann Wigmore is known as the mother of living foods for her pioneering work using wheatgrass, sprouts, and a living-foods diet for detoxification and healing. She led countless individuals to wellness with the Living Foods Lifestyle that she developed and recommends for total health.

Rebuild Your Health presents Ann's beliefs about disease and healing and explains all the components of the Living Foods Lifestyle in detail.


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