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Senin, 25 Februari 2013

Most Animals Love Wheatgrass

Most animals, including indoor dogs and cats, instinctively eat grasses to recover from an illness or injury, or to simply maintain health. In fact, in a perfect world, almost any animal could survive on a diet of grass alone. However, in our imperfect modern world, hybridized lawns offer no nutritional value, and are usually chock-full of pesticides and other chemicals.

Indoor pets that don't have access to outdoor grasses may opt to eat houseplants, which are often dangerous if ingested. Fortunately, you can save your houseplants and your dog or cat by growing a tiny indoor garden of highly nutritious organic wheat grass. Wheat grass contains the highest concentration of nutrients of all grass species, and cats and dogs alike love grazing on it.

Wheatgrass for pets is not a weird as it may sound. Dogs and cats eat grass all the time. The truth is dogs and cats eat grass for a variety of reasons. Studies suggest that dogs and cats eat grass for reasons that are quite different from one another. Some experts suggest that dogs and cats eat grass because they enjoy it. Some suggest they eat grass to calm an upset stomach and still others ascribe to the belief that eating grass fulfills a dietary need such as eating vegetables for humans.

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